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Last comments - Ben(admin)
HURRICANE CLIPPER170 views4 commentsBen(admin)03/10/11 at 18:11Ben(admin): She was in and out within a few hours Bob, no mess...
FERRY QUEEN, WITHEYCOMBE, ST MAWES CASTLE & YARMOUTH BELLE199 views2 commentsoffroader03/10/11 at 17:11Ben(admin): Abercorn behind on the left of TL's moorings? ...
HURRICANE CLIPPER170 views4 commentsBen(admin)03/09/11 at 17:01Ben(admin): Correct Bob, she was in the West India today being...
TALISKER211 views2 commentsBen(admin)03/05/11 at 11:10Ben(admin): Thanks Bargemaster. Any other details?
RECRUIT658 views8 commentsBen(admin)03/03/11 at 10:33Ben(admin): Reported to have been sold this month along with M...
SUNCREST441 views2 commentsBen(admin)02/22/11 at 17:33Ben(admin): I understand she now has her certification for tow...
AVENGER589 views1 commentsoffroader02/20/11 at 00:25Ben(admin): The Kort Nozzle is almost as big as the tug
MERRIE THAMES112 views1 commentsoffroader02/19/11 at 01:33Ben(admin): Thanks for posting this one Rob, always nice to g...
EXPRESS373 views2 commentsBen(admin)02/17/11 at 20:04Ben(admin): Not sure how true it is but there is a rumour GPS ...
UNKNOWN SALTERS STEAMER98 views2 commentsIainMacLeod02/17/11 at 11:04Ben(admin): Two guesses on the facebook page are Wargrave &...
MARLOW199 views2 commentsBen(admin)02/16/11 at 14:26Ben(admin): Salters confirmed she has been scrapped
CLIVEDEN139 views2 commentsBen(admin)02/16/11 at 14:22Ben(admin): Salters mentioned that there were no bids on the a...
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